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I am Kani Karthick and welcome to one of the Best Blogs in India | Top Blogs in India where I speak about anything and everything that catches my attention. Introducing you to a world of girly talks about Management and Leadership, Parenting, Beauty, Lifestyle, Travel and a lot more!

I am a certified Digital marketing professional working as Head of Branding and HR in Chennai, India. You may be wondering if Digital Marketing is the right way to go for your brand or maybe a little Social Media Engagement could take you a long way. Let us start with a FREE WEBSITE AUDIT and go ahead from there! Fill in the form below…

I am also a full-time wife and proud mom to Kayal, my lovely daughter! Born and raised in India, a land of culture and tradition, I am one of those neo-traditional women who is stuck between accepting things the way it is and trying to bring in a change, to make my country a little better for my daughter! So, I WRITE! This blog is my voice and I wish for it to reach all over the world!

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