beauty blogger in India

Hey Y’all.

I am freaking out due to the heat here in Chennai. Doesn’t matter where I am or what I wear, the heat and stuffiness just gets to my head! The last thing I need is for me to look like a demon with all my makeup running down my face the moment I step out of the house!

So here I am, with a sweet summer makeup that will stay on. It is a rosy nude kind of look that I have been loving lately. It is quite simple and yet, looks perfect for the sweaty, sultry summer.

Products Used in this look

I started off with the Soultree BB cream for the perfect tint and moisture with SPF. Foundations may get cakey and break due to all the sweat and heat. A BB cream however, is just perfect as it is as good as the skin and the SPF protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Then I went on with the Maybelline Super stay matte ink in the shade Poet for my eyelids. I actually bought this product for this very purpose. It gives a well pigmented pinkish tone to the eyes and it stays on. I also used it on my cheeks to give it a good flush!
Then, I used the Maybelline Falsies push up drama mascara for my upper and lower lashes. After this, I used a peach color kohl liner by Wet n Wild for my lower watre line to make my eyes look more open and dramatic.

For my lips, I used the Nivea cherry pop color on lip crayon. This lip crayon gives a great flush to the lips and also keeps it supple and moisturized. Through the heat, it is very important to protect your lips from all the harshness. Adding a tint along with balm is what your lips actually deserves.

Finally, I picked the wet and wild highlighter stick to add some glow to my cheeks, nose and lips. I also added the highlighter on my brow bones and the inner corners of my eyes. Finish it off with some loose powder so that the makeup sticks!

VOILA! You have yourself a beautiful blushed look that looks perfect for the summer.

Try it out, and let me know how you loved it!