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What is a Bullet Journal?

What is Bullet Journal?

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Before I say anything about what is a bullet journal or all about bullet journaling, we need to look into the past of bullet journals.

Diaries and journals have always been the way of life. Diaries have pages for each day of the year and are entered into on an everyday basis. People would jot down all the happenings of their day into the dairy. Then there is the concept of journals. Journals do not need to be filled on an everyday basis. It is filled based on moments. The pages are plain and hence the writer fills in the date first followed by the moments of that day.

Apart from diaries and journals, there is also a concept of planners that has always been famous. Planners are very similar diaries except, instead of writing in about the happenings of the day, people fill in the tasks and to-do lists for the day. As and when they are done with the task, they tick it off the list so that they have a complete view of what is completed and what is left out. People also use different icons to mark the important tasks, urgent tasks, low-priority tasks etc.

And then there are calendars, shopping lists, Money managers, doodle and drawing books, sketching pads so on and so forth. The need of having to maintain a different book for every purpose gave birth to Bullet Journal!

So, what is a Bullet Journal?

Putting it in the shortest and simplest way- It is a combination of all the above-mentioned actions and much more. A Bullet Journal is your one-stop solution for your everyday needs. A Bullet Journal is a diary, a journal, a planner, a reminder, a money, and expenses manager, a calendar, a drawing book, a sketching pad, a brainstorming sheet and so much more.

It can be of any size (A3, A4, A5 etc)

It can be ruled or unruled, squared or dotted. (Most commonly dotted)

It can be neat and organized or messy and chaotic. (As long as you can follow!)

Over and above all, It can be traditional or it can also be digital!

The concept of bullet journal, also called as BuJo, was coined out by Ryder Carroll. When he introduced this concept to the world, he had actually created a set of rules and designed it to be a very organized organizer! Today, on the official website of bullet journal, Ryder Carroll has said that “Bullet Journal is an evolving, adaptable practice meant to be self-curated as you determine what works best for you.” Simply put, there is no right or wrong way when it comes to maintaining a bullet journal.

I am basically a diary keeper. I write stories about the happenings of the day into my diary. To me, the concept of Bullet Journal seemed complicated and unadaptable. But my curiosity kept egging me towards trying it out for a month. In December 2017, I turned my diary into a bullet journal for a month. I put together a set of habits to track and a set of pages to include in my bullet journal. In just a month, I was bowled over by bullet journaling. When I went in to buy a new diary for 2018, I picked a simple journal with ruled pages (lines were almost illegible!) and there started my journey of Bullet Journaling.

Honestly speaking, I have fallen in love with it and if you are anything like me, you will too. So what are you waiting for? To start off, try bullet journaling for just a month in whatever book that is already available with you. If it works out, then you can go ahead and buy a book specifically for your Bullet Journal.

Happy Journaling!




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