Cosmic Wheel of Karma

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Cosmic Wheel of Karma- A Poem. This piece of poetry is meant for all the people propagating spiritual communities and marketing its importance!

you’ve crushed my soul
you’ve broken my heart
now you are apologizing but
even sorry cannot play its part.

“Believe it or not”, you say,
“I have truly changed a lot.”
“Me too,” I say. “That girl you knew,
she is dead and buried in the past!”

Today, you have become spiritual
Today, you are very god-fearing
Today, you are selling your god to me!
What you do not understand,

I am always the person, I want to be.
Either I meditate or I party,
It is according to my needs!
Neither you nor your god can save,
You from the Karma of your deeds.


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5 thoughts on “Cosmic Wheel of Karma

  1. ACCORDING TO MY NEEDS….nice line….one question though… are there any self restrictions, meaning do your needs apply only to you or to your whole family???

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