If you are a makeup beginner like me then I am sure that the most part of your makeup routine consists of the eyeliner on one eye to match the eyeliner on the other eye!

Yes, I am talking about the moment when you are lining your eyes and that wing-liner turns out perfectly on one eye and then you move on the next eye and all of a sudden, everything goes to hell. You end up looking like a cartoon character but it is too late to take the whole thing down and correct it. So you go out looking like that and hoping no one will care to notice.

Well, welcome to the club ladies.

But, I have a great news for you all. In comes, double sided eyeliner seal for a perfect winged eyeliner look, Every single time!

This product is truly the most innovative thing I have seen in the field of beauty and cosmetics. Soon enough, this idea has been adopted by a variety of brands. I don’t really know about the original brand that introduced this product to the market.

I simply went on amazon and searched for eyeliner seal stamp and I found one by this brand called music flower.

The product is priced at Rs. 540/- for 4.5 ml of the product.

It is double ended with your regular liquid eyeliner pen on one end and a triangular seal on the other end, that creates the wing.

It took nearly 3 weeks to get it here in Chennai, India. So if you are looking to get it in a day or 2, then you have to find some other brand or seller.

And finally, it takes some time to find the perfect look for you with the winged seal. You will have to practice a few dozen times before you understand how to use the product for your advantage. It took me a good 6 times before I could get the right technique and placement for the winged eyeliner to suit my face. Once I found that, nothing could go wrong at all.

Coming to the quality of the product, it is surprisingly amazing too. The eyeliner is jet black, just the way I like it. It is easy to apply and once dried, it stays put for a long time. It is not affected by sweat or heat, but does come off a little when you rub your eyes even lightly! It is absolutely handy and safe to carry around since it is in the form of a pen, no worries about leaking.

I am so happy that I stumbled upon this magic eyeliner. Now it takes me half the time to get ready and I can wear my favorite winged eyeliner look every day!

Have you tried it yet? What do you think of it? Do let me know!

You can buy this eyeliner seal by clicking here.