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So, Stephen king is like one of my most favorite authors of all time. I have been reading his books since I was 10. Back then, a few of his books were quite complicated and hard for me to understand. Gerald’s game is one of those books. His books are either so confusing that you would not understand its essence and when you do, it will haunt you for years. I remember reading Pet Sematary as a child and I had horrible nightmares for weeks!


Getting to this book, Gerald’s Game has also been made into a movie. The book was first published back in 1992 and the movie version was released in 2017.

The book is available on Amazon for Rs. 355/-. Kindle version of the book is approx. Rs 255/-.
You can buy a copy of this book by CLICKING HERE.
For those who do not prefer reading books can always watch the movie version of the book. It is streaming on Netflix.


Gerald and Jessie, are married for a long time and want to rekindle their romance. So they decide to get away from the city to a very secluded lake house so that they can reconnect with each other. Gerald is into kinky stuff, sexually speaking, and Jessie just wants to please her husband. So she agrees to get handcuffed to the bed to make things a little more exciting! Things take a turn for the worse when Gerald suffers a massive heart attack and dies while Jessie is still handcuffed to the bed. When the realization of the situation hits Jessie, she starts hallucinating her dead husband talking to her. Her own conscience takes up a human form looking like her and starts conversing with her. This is just the way her mind copes with the situation and keeps her going until she could find a way to escape it.

Over the next two nights, she is faced with memories from her past that she has kept buried deep down within herself. As she suffers from dehydration and slips between the conscious world and unconsciousness, she is also faced with a creature that she assumes to be a part of her imagination. It is fear if this monster that awakens her senses and finally she escapes from the cuffs by slicing her wrists on one hand. She struggles to keep her consciousness despite all the blood loss and escapes the house by a car just to be faced with the monster from her imagination. She is shocked by the realization that the monster is real and not her imagination and she crashes her car into a tree. She wakes up to find herself safe in a hospital.

Takeaway from the Book-

There are two major takeaways from this book.

  1. Child Abuse is the worst kind of monster that plagues our society today. A study states that 1 of every 3 girls and 1 of every 5 boys are a victim of child abuse. This is something that each and every one of us needs to be highly ashamed of. Right this moment, there is a child that is being robbed of his/ her childhood! It is up to each and everyone of us to Protest against this cruelty and protect the children’s childhood.
  2. In today’s word, we are all right in the middle of a crowd and yet, we are completely lonely. We keep ourselves locked up in the name of being a loner or an introvert. Not letting people get close to us will hurt us more than it will hurt them. When Jessie finds herself in the situation, one of the worst realizations that hit her is the fact that there is absolutely no one in her life that would realize that she is missing or they haven’t heard from her for long! If someone was to find her or save her, it would have to be completely accidental. But she would be long dead before that would ever happen!

I absolutely enjoyed reading this book and watching the movie. Yes, it is going to haunt me for long and I would probably have nightmares of the red eclipse for nights to come, but I enjoyed reading it.