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It is that time of the year when people are packing up their bags and setting off to find the best destination to spend their holidays in.

Is Goa your chosen destination?

Even if it isn’t, this is a must read for each and everyone!

Here are a few myths and facts about Goa that everyone needs to know.



Goa is unsafe for girls-

Goa is essentially like any other city or town in India. People look at it as some giant black monster but it is not! There are crimes happening at every corner of the world, some cities more than the others. There is nothing different about Goa. Stay close to a commercial place or in some good hotel. Your safety is absolutely in your own hand. If you are wandering off into some unknown place in the middle of the night, you will for sure be in danger. Mostly from something supernatural than from any human.

Goa is a Party Central-

Yes, it is but why should that be the only thing highlighted about Goa? There are a lot of clubs and dance floors that are amazing and can make your holiday really worthwhile. At the same time, Goa is spiritual enough to give a tough competition to the Vatican City. It is calm and serene enough to improve your inner consciousness and bring about a sense of peace within you. You can shop and you can eat. Forget Las Vegas, the casinos in Goa are the matter of trend right now! Every type of tourist can surely find their space and solace in Goa!

Goa is all about beaches

Again I repeat, beaches are just a part of Goa. It is a huge part, of course, Goa is a coastal town! But there is a lot more to Goa other than just beaches. There are churches- Duh! There are Islands- Duh Duh!!!
But there are also few hidden caves and falls and natural springs in Goa. It is truly an added advantage if you are friends (or at least acquaintance) with someone who lives in goa! We tried to explore as many spots as possible on our own and it was great!

Vegans will find it tough in Goa

My grandma said to me that she couldn’t find a single south Indian restaurant in Goa when she had been to Goa on an arranged tour! That was about 5 years ago, but today, there is no kind of cuisine that you won’t find in Goa. Out of the four days that we were there, 3 days we had our breakfast in this south Indian vegan restaurant that was a walkable distance from our stay. We strongly believe in light breakfast and nothing can beat a piping hot idly or a crispy dosa!

Goa is rural and under-developed.

When our flight landed in Goa, I was in for a huge shock. There were all these high-rise buildings and apartments all over the place. As soon as we got out, we booked an airport taxi to take us to our stay. It is about 22 kms away from the airport. Even as I sat in the car and headed towards our stay, I remember thinking, “Where the hell are beaches and the greens and the people?” The first signs of water came about 20 minutes of drive. A part of Goa is kept authentic and that is the part which attracts tourists from all over the world. At the same time, there is this other part of Goa that is developing at a huge rate! The streets and the infrastructure is truly great and it is also in the further developing process!



Goa is costly!

My pockets were literally crying and my heart was bleeding. Be it the stay or the food or getting out and about in Goa, everything costs. It is understandable as Goa is majorly dependent on tourism. But it hurt either way. If you have a budget in mind for Goa, put aside at least three times that budget if you do not want to feel horrible!

Local transportation in Goa is close to NIL!

I tried really hard to find a single bus or a taxi or at least an auto-rickshaw all over Goa, but couldn’t find even one. The landlady at the guest house we stayed mentioned that there are local buses that ply in the most local residential area of Goa, but their frequency and the places they cover are very few. The locals travel on their personal vehicles and the tourists can rent bikes and cars. The rental prices are pretty nominal too but you need to have valid documents to rent vehicles.

People in Goa may seem friendly but they are not!

This one is very important. These people aren’t here to make you feel good or entertain you in any way. They are all business people selling their products or services to the tourists because that’s what is their living made up of. The moment they have sold their product/ service to you, their attention immediately shifts to two things. One, how to make some more money from you. Two, how to get rid of you so that they can make some more money from another tourist! Be it the landlady of our guest house or the man from whom we rented the bikes or the man who drove us to the airport……. We learned our lesson, so we are spreading the word.

A helmet is a must, there are cops everywhere!

If you have chosen to rent a car, then I truly pity you. But if you are renting a bike, you are going to have the best time in Goa. The roads are amazing and the sceneries are to die for!
At the same time, it is very important to keep your license handy and always wear your helmet when riding the bike. There the cops standing all over the town waiting to get their hands on tourists without proper documents and riding unsafely. If you are caught, you probably have to shell out a truly huge amount to avoid further problems. Especially because you are a tourist here and know absolutely no one to get you out of trouble!

Ladies can have an absolute blast in Goa!

I have truly saved the best for the last. I was amazed myself but an entry for ladies into most of the hip clubs was absolutely free, even on a Saturday night!!!
On the top, they were also providing offers on drinks and food, especially for ladies.
So, wait no more girl gangs! Pack your bags and set off right away. If you are still worried about your safety, carry a pocket knife and a pepper spray with you but do not hold back. I guarantee you will have the time of your life!





Trip to GOA- Four days in the surreal coastal haven!