Google AdWords to Google Ads

Google AdWords was first launched nearly 17 or 18 years back and their main motive was to connect people browsing through the internet with the local businesses. It was as a simple and easy to use the platform, almost like putting up an advertisement in a newspaper, only this was digital.

As days went by and traditional marketing gave way to digital marketing, people started finding much more exciting ways to advertise their businesses. Businesses have started using captivating texts and posts, colorful banners, creative images and videos to advertise their products/services online and consumers too started to respond greatly to such campaigns.

Also, the types of devices have also changed a lot over the years. From desktop to laptop, Laptop to Tablets, Tablets to smartphones! An advertisement or a campaign does not look the same across every device. The touch and feel surely change from one device to another.
Thus, Google AdWords decided it is high time to change along with the changing requirements of both businesses as well as the consumers!

They have introduced a range of products like Google Analytics (analyzing the results of the advertisements posted), Keyword planner (finding right keywords for advertising your business), Google+ communities (to connect with right audience) etc. Only drawback, these various tools weren’t interconnected and the ease to use was low!

What has changed?

I shall try to put it forward in the simplest way possible!
• Google has linked its wide range of products to support online advertising under three new names: Google Ads, Google Marketing Platform, and Google Ads Manager.
• Google Ads Introduces “Smart Campaigns” feature to help small businesses find their target audience easily and create a campaign that drives results!
• Changed appearance and improved the interface to increase the ease of use across all types of devices.
• Helps to advertise beyond just the search engine results and spread the campaign across various other platforms as well.
• Apart from all these, Google has designed new logos for their three new platforms!

Google marketing platform
Google marketing platform
Google Ads
Google Ads
Google Ads Manager
Google Ads Manager

What does it mean for Digital Marketers?

• Small businesses can create and manage their own campaigns through Google Ad’s smart campaigns!
• Keywords are seemingly going to lose its shine as Google is shifting its focus towards the target audience rather than search engine results.
• No more cheat sheets and no more shortcuts. Google Ads has promised transparency.

Last but not the least, critics and competitors alike seem to believe that the changing of Google AdWords to Google Ads is nothing more than the change in name. It isn’t going to affect the way that ad campaigns run so far.
If you ask me, I would say that we have all become experts at adapting to changes. This is just another one of those moments where we learn, grow and adapt to another new concept!

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