Growth in Freelancers and Start-up companies

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Lately, our job market has seen a huge growth in the freelancers and start-up companies. What is up with that? Let us analyze and discuss this trend and the tipping of power from managers/ bosses towards employees/ workers.

Matter of 10 years back, my cousin brothers who had graduated from engineering colleges were in search of jobs. It was a tough market (due to the recession) but family members and relatives could care less about the market situation. They would simply keep taunting my brothers about being unemployed. For this very reason, my brothers would avoid coming home during family functions and festivals. Today the market has improved by leaps and bounds, there is a sure cut opportunity for anyone ready to grab it.

Then why is it that people do not want to be just “employed” anymore? Why is it that more and more people are preferring to be “self-employed” or work as a Freelancer? Why is there a rise in start-up projects and companies today? What should we call it- selfishness or smartness?

Let us take a look into the organizations today.

Of course, it is not just about coming into the office, doing your job and getting out of there. Employee expects things like motivation, recognition, appreciation, team building, opportunity to grow etc. However, the internal competition has given rise to corporate politics as well.

If one colleague motivates you, 10 others race to demotivate you. If one colleague guides you right, 10 others are ready to misguide you. If one colleague tries to show you the right path, 10 others try to push you down the rabbit hole! What do they gain? At the end of the financial year, they all receive a standard 8% hike and the one most smart/ cunning employee gets promoted!

For most of us, it feels like a blind race towards an unknown finish line!

And then there were managers!

Another reason for the growth in the freelancers and start-up companies is the problem of managers. Well, it can be put as “problem with managers”, “problem by managers”, “problems of managers”, and so on. The word “Manager” is more and more associated with the word “Problem”! I know that all a manager does is implement the rules, regulations, and culture of the organization. However, as a manager, a person has a lot of power and with a lot of power comes a lot of responsibilities too. What is the responsibility? Well, the world has too many managers and what we need are “Leaders”! Cannot blame the managers either because they are a part of the blind race too, just a few feet ahead of you!

The price to be paid?

Last but not the least, the phrase “Working for peanuts” is getting all the more relevant. Well, it is not just about the income, but also a lot to do with the expenses. My father says that there is a surplus flow of cash nowadays. When I was a child, we would get new dresses only thrice in a year (birthday, Diwali and Pongal), we would go to movies once in three months, Restaurants- once in a month (if lucky, twice). Junk food like chocolates, chips, biscuits etc. was a rare delicacy and I had pizza for the first time when I was 15 years old! Today, e-commerce industries and food delivery systems have made life simpler, at the same time ended the quality of our life! Our expenses keep exceeding our income every month, but who cares, credit cards are here to save our lives! Every time humanity seems to take a step forward, we are simply falling back by a hundred steps!

Well, I have gone a little (ok fine….. a lot!) off topic. So getting back on the wagon, people started thinking, if it’s just peanuts to earn, then why not do it from the comfort of your home? This thought combined together with the word freelance, we have finally hit the jackpot. No Hitler managers, no scheming colleagues, no politics, no race. Just you, your work, your talent, your passion and your pay!

A few months back, one of my cousins got so fed up with working in his company that he quit the job without a second thought and returned back to our village. He applied for a loan and started a small department store near his father’s rice mill. Today, the business has picked up and he is happy. Just to strike a conversation I asked, “why did you quit the job in a city and come back to this tiny village?” His answer will always stay in my heart.

He said, “What city, sister? What did that city give me? I had to beg for a job first. Then I had to fold my hands and accept what little money my boss gave in the name of salary. One day, my father fell ill and I asked for half a day permission and my manager started screaming at me and calling me irresponsible. That was it for me, sister! Right then I decided that I had the talent, all I needed was courage. Now I am a boss. So my question is, why should I fold my hands and receive a salary from someone when I can open my heart and give salary to people? Today I have three men working for me. No complaints, no regrets!”

I understand brother, It all worked out amazingly for you. But where will the rest of us go? What will happen to the market if each one of us arises with a thought of starting up our own businesses?

My Conclusions-

The whole world runs on “balance”. A balance between good and bad, light and dark, profit and loss, etc. Whenever the world is thrown off balance, it has affected humanity gravely. So, scope the market and choose your position. Today, due to growth in the freelancers and start-up companies, the trend is pointing towards these. Before they tip the balance askew, blend in and make your place! At the same time, be ever ready to accept and adapt to changes.



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4 thoughts on “Growth in Freelancers and Start-up companies

  1. With great power comes not great responsibility, but great micro-managaing.. Don’t worry about the balance, to say in your own words, if 100 people opt for freelancing and self employment only 4 or 5 succeed…. That too for a period of 7 to 8 years…. Then the next set of talented people come and the cycle continues….

    1. That’s absolutely true. The success rate for start-ups is damn low. but the fact that more and more people are opting out of traditional employment is appalling! as an HR, I am exploring what can be improved about traditional employment!

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