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Mr. Vineet Bajpai is my latest favorite author. I love Historic fiction novels and some of my favorite authors are Mr. Anand Neelakantan, Mr. Ashwin Sanghi and Amish Tripathi. This series of books is on the same genre and the author has weaved an amazing story despite being an amateur writer.

HARAPPA: Curse of the Blood River (Harappa Series #1) by Vineet Bajpai

This is the first book of a three books series. The author has based this book on Harappa, one of the oldest civilizations that happened to exist in India, a very long time ago. During excavations, traces of a very civilized living was discovered. The surprising thing is that Harappa has existed long before the first documentation of civilized living was made. Why has this city been covered up by the sands of time? Why does it exist only on the dirty yellow pages of the history books?

This series of books speaks about it all. A constant swing between the past and the present, the author weaves a highly intriguing storyline of love, lust, friendship, loyalty, betrayal and finally, the curse!

Lesson– what’s with history and curses?!

PRALAY: The Great Deluge (Harappa Series #2) by Vineet Bajpai

Throughout the book, I as a reader constantly felt a sense of doom hanging over my head! This book again travels between the two times, past and present. Half the story is about the first ever great deluge that washed out the entire civilizations off the face of earth. We all know that earth has been cleansed by nature more than once.

Vishnu’s first avatar (incarnation), Matsya, is also introduced in this book. But he is introduced as a man rather than a huge fish as was told in stories until now! Also the great king Manu, who is chosen to see to it that life continues on earth even after the deluge. He saves one male and one female from every species of life on earth and takes it aboard a massive ship built by Matsya. This is the Indian version of Noah’s Arc! Another half of the story is happening in the present where the hero of the book is coming face to face with the curse placed on his bloodline.

Does King Manu manage to save life on earth? How does this first great Deluge happen? Does the Hero able to break the curse placed on his bloodline? Does he actually live long enough to be able to achieve that feat? That will be known only in the next book!!! Kashi: Secret of the Black Temple.

Lesson– Historic fictions are so damn amazing. Now I want to get my hands on the next book in the series!

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