Marketing has been changing and growing over the years. From pamphlets and billboards to advertisements on TV and Radio, today marketing has reached social media. Products have found their way into our lives through our favorite movie stars and the social media that we spend all of our time on.

Well, in this post I am going to mention 10 of the most over-hyped and trending high-end products on social media. I am also going to be giving the best budget- friendly option for each of the product. To be clear, I am not speaking about the knock-off Chinese stuff that is sold at a percentage of the price of high-end products! These alternatives are the products that are quite similar to the high-end products but they are from drug store brands at budget friendly prices.

So let us dive right into it, shall we?

Farsali Rose Gold Elixir- $54 (Approx. Rs. 3500/- to 4000/-)

This product has taken the world of social media by storm and has remained a huge deal from quite some time now. This facial oil is said to contain real gold particles that help in skin regeneration and renewal. It is used as a base for makeup.
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Alternative 1- Beauty & Co. Rose Gold Oil – Rs. 1245/-

This is a product of personal choice. I have been using it for a few weeks and I am truly in love with in. It brings put a beautiful glow to the skin and works as a perfect base for makeup. It can be used every day and it is filled with the goodness of real gold particles too.

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Alternative 2- Indulgeo Essentials Rose Gold Oil – Rs. 1280/-)

Indulgeo is a natural brand that has a range of essential oils that tend to a variety of skin issues. But the Rose Gold oil is by far the most famous of their products. They have 2 variants of the rose gold oil itself, suited for normal skin and sensitive skin.

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Huda Beauty Liquid Matte Lipsticks- Rs. 1650/-

These liquid lipsticks are quite popular for their range of beautiful shades and their powder matte finish. These lipsticks are very well pigmented and last for a long time. Huda is herself a very well established beauty influencer on social media and when she came with her brand of cosmetics, people couldn’t stop themselves from buying them.

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Alternative 1- Maybelline Super stay matte ink liquid lipsticks- Rs. 625/-

There are two reasons why I would suggest these lipsticks as a close alternative. One, they are very creamy and glide on while applying and once dried they are powder matte. Two, they have a range of shades especially nudes, that is quite similar to the Huda Beauty lipsticks.
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Alternative 2- SUGAR Smudge me not liquid lipsticks- Rs. 499/-

Again, these lipsticks are my personal favorite. These liquid matte lipsticks are the only ones that provide pigmentation, matte finish, long lasting and beautiful range of shades at such low price. The shades are all so pretty and perfectly blended for Indian skin tones.
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L’Oréal Paris color riche gold obsession lipstick- Rs. 750/-

Beautiful and wearable colors with a metallic finish. The golden glitters in the lipstick make it seem so royal and the lipsticks are beautifully luscious. The lipsticks are pigmented really well. They come in 6 different shades.

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Maybelline New York Color sensational Matte metallic lipstick- Rs. 450/-

This range of lipsticks are fairly new in Indian market and once I tried one out, I could see how similar they are to the L’Oréal lipstick. That’s the main reason I put this here though L’Oréal isn’t really a high end brand.

These lipsticks are of metallic finish too and they come in a variety of shades. There are 11 shades in the range and all the shades are quite pretty. The sleek shine makes them pretty royal while wearing. But these lipsticks are matte and loreal lipsticks are creamy.
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Too Faced Chocolate Bar eyeshadow palette- $49 (Rs. 3000/-)

A cosmetic product that looks like every girls favorite food, who would say no to that? I am not really sure but I am assuming that these palettes were out of the shelf as soon as they were displayed! There are a variety of palettes in this range and they are all nude, neutral and earthy shades. The shades are well pigmented.
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Makeup Revolution Chocolate Elixir Eyeshadow palette- Rs. 1550/-

This palette comes really close to the Too Faced palettes by appearance as well as the shades. Even the names are very similar. These palettes are truly cute and have a range of nude and earthy shades. The shades are well pigmented and easy to blend.
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Tarte Cosmetics shape tape contour creaseless concealer- $35 (Rs. 2000/-)

This product is another one of those over-hyped products that every beauty blogger and influencer swear by. Majorly known for their huge range of shades. Tarte simply has a shade of concealer for every kind of skin tone in this world. There are 30 shades in this range. They are all creamy and very easy to apply. They finish matte after they dry.
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L.A. Girl Pro conceal HD concealer- Rs. 595/-

I haven’t tried out the Tarte concealers but I have always found it irritating that I couldn’t find a shade of concealer that suits my skin. Every concealer that I ever picked, seem to make me look like a ghost! That’s until I found the L.A. Girl concealer. There are 39 shades in this range. There is a shade for every skin tone. The coverage is amazing and they are very multi-functional. I have 2 shades of these concealers, one that I use for concealing and another to contour as well as darken down my foundations when needed.
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Huda Eyeshadow palettes- Rs. 4500/- to Rs. 5375/-

Another product from the Huda cosmetics that is quite famous on social media. Be it the selection of shades or the combination of the matte and shimmers in the palette, these palettes are much loved. They are also known to be amazingly pigmented, creamy and easy to blend in. There are 2 very famous palettes by Huda and they are Rose gold and desert rose.
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Rude Cosmetics Eyeshadow palettes- Rs. 1500/- to 2500/-

I got to know of these palettes very recently but once I laid my eyes on them, I had to try them out. Especially because their range of shades were quite similar to the Huda Beauty eyeshadow palettes. Even the combination of mattes and shimmery shades are quite similar. The pigmentation, texture, applicability etc. are quite great too, not as great as the Huda palette, especially the pigmentation.
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M.A.C. cosmetics eyeshadow X9- Rs. 3150/-

I know that eyeshadow by MAC Cosmetics is not so well known compared to their lipsticks, however, there are a few well-pigmented earth shades in MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow palette. These palettes come with 9 Shades in a single box. They are all mostly shimmery and all neutral shades.
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Color pop Cosmetics Brown Sugar Eyeshadow palette- $12 (Rs. 750/-)

Color pop cosmetics is so famous and well known for its budget-friendly range of products. Their eyeshadow palettes are absolutely gorgeous and the selection of shades at such affordable price is unbeatable. They are literally the best budget-friendly option for any kind of eyeshadows or even liquid lipsticks.
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Benefit Cosmetics High Beam Liquid highlighter- Rs. 2520/-

I had the opportunity to try benefit cosmetics high beam liquid highlighter once in Sephora and I was truly mesmerized by the glow that this product provided. It almost had the ability to blind a person. The consistency of the highlighter is quite light and creamy and is absorbed into the skin very quickly. It is a truly unbeatable product among high-end cosmetics.
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Makeup Revolution Liquid highlighter- Rs. 1050/-

Makeup Revolution liquid highlighter can give an amazing competition to the benefit of cosmetics liquid highlighter. One amazing thing about it is, these liquid highlighters come in 11 shades for you to choose from. The liquid highlighters are quite creamy in texture and absorbed well by the skin. Though, not as glowing as the benefit cosmetics highlighter, did you come really close.
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M.A.C. Cosmetics strobe cream- Rs. 2700/-

Strobe creams are a must have for every makeup addict. They are a little different from the liquid highlighters as they do not provide as much bright glow as a highlighter. This cream leaves a glowing Sheen to the skin like no other product can. MAC Cosmetics strobe cream has been a rising trend in recent times. They are available in five different shades to choose from.
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Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid strobe cream- Rs. 650/-

Now the product that comes really close to the Mac Cosmetics strobe cream but at a much lesser price is the Maybelline New York Gigi Hadid store cream. Though they come only in 2 Shades, the product by itself is quite amazing. They provide a well-nourished measured and glowing look to the skin.
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Kylie Cosmetics range of liquid lipsticks- $20 (Rs. 1500/-)

The final product from the high range of products that is quite overhyped is the Kylie cosmetics range of liquid lipsticks. The wide variety of nude and neutral shades available in the liquid lipsticks has been fancied by people on social media for quite a long time. The liquid lipsticks are not just with a matte finish, they also have creamy, satin and glossy finishes.
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Alternative 1- NYX Lip Lingerie Liquid Lipsticks- Rs. 650/-

Now for a budget-friendly alternative for Kylie cosmetics range of liquid lipsticks. It would be the NYX lip Lingerie liquid lipsticks. This alternative is mainly because of their range of nude shades with a powder Matte Finish. With a range of 12 Shades that are all nude, neutral and browns.
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Alternative 2- Maybelline Inti-matte nudes and creamy matte lipsticks- Rs. 299/-

The next option would be the Maybelline Inti Matte nudes. This is my personal favorite and I am a huge fan of the creamy Matte lipsticks. This is especially because they are available at such budget-friendly prices. I got hold of a few Shades as soon as I got to know about the creamy Matte collection. These lipsticks apply very creamy and glide on your lips while applying and after drying they are matte.
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M.A.C. retro matte lipstick in the shade Ruby Woo- Rs. 1650/-

Now I know that I have provided a lot of alternatives that are budget friendly yet very similar to the high-end products that are over hyped on social media. But I have found that there is one particular high-end product that cannot be replaced or alternated with any other product, high end or drugstore. This is the Mac Retro Matte lipstick In the Shade Ruby Woo. I’m quite sure most of you have heard about the shade as it is well known to be one single shade that suits every skin type and skin tone all over the world. This is a must-have in every woman’s makeup pouch.
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Wet n Wild ultimate brow kit- Rs. 399/-

Similarly, there is one drug store product that I have found quite amazing and that is the wet n wild ultimate brow kit. This kit consists of a brow wax to tame down the brow hairs. It also consists of a light brown shade and a dark brown shade along with an applicator and a small tweezer. The kit also comes with the tiny mirror attached. This brow kit is truly ultimate and I have never found a brow product quite as amazing as this one, in high end or drugstore.
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So that’s all I have for now guys. Before I forget, a lot of the products I have mentioned above are currently on sale on Nykaa. So if you wanted to get them, this would be a great time.