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So, Nykaa is having one of their legendary sales and it is called the Nykaa Holi Hungama sale. Nykaa wants to color us girls with the colors of beautiful eyeshadows and trendy lipsticks at up to 50% off on this Holi festival. So I had to take advantage of this sale to stock up on a few products. I was especially happy with the sale on Hair care products as they were also on up to 50% off. So, in this post, I am going to share all the products that I brought on this sale from Nykaa.

Let’s get on with it than, shall we?

I am starting off with the hair care products. The first product that I added to the cart was the Livon Hair serum. Hair serums are a huge part of my life as my hair is very frizzy and unmanageable. Livon is one product that has always had my back. They had this regular hair serum which was good enough but recently, they came up with a variant of serum especially formulated for very rough and unruly hair. This product was ground- breaking! I am using this very product right now and am almost out of it. So when I saw that this product was on 50% off on Nykaa, I just went ahead and bought 2 of it. It will last me for months!
MRP- 250/- each and on Nykaa- 125/-

The next product I picked was a conditioner from Tresemme. The last time I went out to market, I seemed to have bought two shampoos instead of a shampoo and a conditioner! So when I got to know that I was almost out of the conditioner, that’s when I realized my foolishness. Thank god, at the right time Nykaa also had their sale. So Tresemme products also were up to 50% off. So I picked this conditioner with Keratin and Argan oil for a smoother hair!
MRP- 220/- and on Nykaa- 165/-

Next few hair care products are from this brand called TS. I bought a cute paddle brush with blue and pink handle. They are very sturdy and cute! MRP- 270/- and on Nykaa for 135/-.
Another comb from TS. This is the double row premium comb. MRP- 79/- and on Nykaa for 40/-
Last product from TS is a box of hair pins. Hair pins are the one product that I can never account for. They keep vanishing from my box over time! So this box is MRP- 60/- and on Nykaa for 48/-.

Moving on to the cosmetic’s part, I did not really plan on getting any cosmetics as such. However, Maybelline was having up to 50% off on some of their best products. So I went on to the Maybelline brand page on Nykaa and sorted the display based on highest discount. This way I could look only at the products that were on half off and get the ones that seem to be worthy.

So, the first product that I picked from Maybelline is the Maybelline super stay matte ink liquid lipstick in the shade 60- Poet. This product MRP- 650/- and on Nykaa for 325/-
I bought this product even though I knew that it will not at all look good on my lips, but I did not buy it to wear on my lips in the first place. I actually wanted to use it as a blush and eyeshadow as that kind of pink with that kind of pigmentation is not easy to get in either blushes or eyeshadows.

The next product from Maybelline that I picked is the Maybelline color jolt matte lip paint in the shade 13- How bare you. This is one of the only nudes that suits dusky skin tones perfectly. It is a brown with a red undertone making it look absolutely sexy on dusky skin. The MRP- 399/- and on Nykaa for 200/-

Next I picked this dual tinted eyeshadow stick by Maybelline. It is called the Maybelline New York Tone on Tone eyeshadow in the shade Cherry on Cake. This eyeshadow stick is so creamy and has two colors, one coppery gold and another that is rose gold. I love this product and cannot wait to try it on. The product is priced at MRP- 450/- and on Nykaa for 225/-.

The last product that I picked was the Maybelline color sensational Matte metallic lipstick in the shade 40- Silk stone. This is kind of coppery brown shade with a hint of lavender, I can say. It is a metallic finish and looks absolutely sassy. It is amazing for a night out or evening parties. The product is MRP- 450/- and on Nykaa for 225/-

Finally, when you shop for Rs. 1000/- worth of Maybelline products, you will receive one of their City Mini eyeshadow palettes for free. And it is just my luck that the Maybelline products that I added to my cart just added up to exactly Rs. 1000/- and the eye shadow was added to my cart. It was completely unplanned and I was so damn elated when I received the palette. The eyeshadow palette retails for Rs. 750/- and to get it for free, WOW!  

The Maybelline New York city mini palette that I received was in the shade called “The Urban Jungle”. True to the name, there were a few greens and browns in the palette. All the shades are absolutely pretty and I cannot wait to try them out.

So that is all for this post guys. The Nykaa Holi Hungama sale is on only until the Holi festival that is this weekend I suppose. So hurry and grab your favorite cosmetics, skin care products and hair care products at up to 50% off.

Happy shopping and a very happy Holi friends!