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I first came across the concept “Inner Engineering” when I was the usual browsing through YouTube and watching some random documentaries. I got curious about it and went on to watch the video and that is how I first got to know of Sadhguru. Seriously, I hadn’t heard about him or probably hadn’t paid much attention before that moment. This is India. There are self- proclaimed mystics and seers on every street of every small town in this country. So what makes anyone any different, I do not really understand!

Well moving on, I heard his whole speech and was impressed by his quirk rather than his answers. Then I started watching more of his videos and was getting to know more about this concept called “Inner Engineering” coined out by Sadhguru himself. My curiosity lasted for about 4 videos and that’s that.

After a few months, one of my really old friend got in touch with me, randomly. I was pleasantly surprised and we chatted for a while getting caught up with each other. Then out of nowhere, he starts to talk about how he joined Isha yoga and completed the Inner engineering program and how much changes it has bought into his life. He said he remembered me out of the blue because he saw it in his “Mind’s eye” that I need to take up Inner Engineering as well. Let me be honest here, my life isn’t going really great. I do have a lot of stress and issues that I am dealing with, but who doesn’t? So when he said this, I laughed at him and asked him to sell his product elsewhere. He was very patient with me and me with him until he explained how it can bring mental strength and peace. I told him that I’ll look into it but truly, I didn’t have the time or the patience!

I love to read books and I generally make sure that I put aside some time for reading books. So when I got to know that Inner Engineering is available in the form of book as well, I thought I would get to know more about this and wouldn’t be wasting any time especially for it. And I bought myself a copy of the “Inner Engineering” book.

If truth be told, it actually turned out to be a dud and waste of time looking at it in the actual “Inner Engineering Program” point of view. There is not a single yoga or process or procedure written on how to perform this famous Inner Engineering! There was lot of beating around the bush and a lot of irrelevant information, or so I felt!

The book was however, truly informative. I got to read a lot of fun facts that I didn’t know previously. Like why being a vegetarian is considered special and sacred in yogic sense. Why and how does anger affect your body in a negative manner! These are just a few that really caught my attention and hence comes up as soon as I recall what I read in the book. There are a lot more informative stuff in the book and funny stories and nice anecdotes. The book also has a lot of simple and discreet instructions for activities or “Sadhanas” that is meant to prep your mind and body for this Inner Engineering program. However, there was nothing whatsoever, about the program or how it is to be performed!

On Spiritual well- being

“When you are sick, it is you who needs the medicine. When you are hungry, it is you who needs the food. Similarly if you seek well-being, it is you who needs to be fixed!”

Pg.No. 45


Control over life and destiny

“Mastery over your physical body, 15-20% control over your life and destiny. Mastery over your mind means 50-60% control over your life and destiny. But if you have mastery over your life energies, 100% of your life and destiny will come under your control.”

Pg.No. 43



“Responsibility simply means your ability to respond. And your ability to respond is limitless.”

Pg.No. 51


There are so many such words worth mentioning. Furthermore, the second half of the book is actually divided further into three parts- Body, Mind and Energy.

Under Body, the book speaks about how to keep your body healthy and clean. It includes stuff like the right kind of food and yoga to get your body to a higher state of vibration. It also speaks about how even the number of breath cycles can determine how long a being can live. Apparently, a tortoise breathes just 4-5 times a minute. Hence its longevity is very high (150 years).

Under Mind, the book speaks about how to clarify and strengthen your mind. It speaks about how the past is simply a part of our mind. Pain is inevitable but we can consciously choose not suffer. Anger on someone is like drinking poison and expecting that person to die!

Under Energy, the book speaks about Karma and Kriya. It says that Karma is something that your do externally and Kriya is something that happens internally within each of us.

Over and above all, the Inner Engineering book, though a little boring and dry at times, it is very informative. However, since it doesn’t give any information about the actual yoga or practice that is called the Inner Engineering, I suppose I need to attend the program conducted by Isha center to learn more about it!