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In my previous post, I had written all about the Inner Engineering book and everything that it offered. While the book offered a lot of knowledge and Insight about the Inner Engineering, the practice itself was nowhere to be found on the book. Which led me to believe that I wouldn’t gain the complete knowledge about Inner Engineering if I did not take the time out from my ever busy schedule to attend the program in one of the Isha centers!

So I went on and searched for the scheduled dates for the Inner Engineering program in an Isha center that was closest to my home. After a lot of looking around, planning my schedule and everything, I found a set of dates that would work perfectly for me and at a center closest to my home. This was a complete 7 days program in English language (the program is also offered in other local languages in India). Until I booked for the program, I was truly skeptical about it and was thinking a lot, but the moment I paid the amount and registered, I told myself that I would let go of my doubts and take up the program without any judgements.

On the first day, I thought it was just an introductory session of 1 hour but they had scheduled the first session of the Inner Engineering on that day. Children are not allowed in the space where the program takes place and I had my daughter with me. The Isha volunteers assured me that they can babysit my child while I attend the session and encouraged me not to miss it! So I went on to attend the session which was an introduction into the preparatory yogic practices that we need to learn and start practicing before getting initiated into the core practice of Inner Engineering.

The next 4 days, we were learning a lot of stretching practices and yogic asana to prepare our body and mind for the core practice. When the Inner Engineering program first started, Sadhguru himself used to conduct the program and initiate people (disciples) into the core practice of Inner Engineering. However, today, thousands of people all over the world want to learn Inner Engineering and are enrolling themselves into this program. It is obvious that one person cannot be everywhere at a time. So Isha has trained volunteers to become the teachers and conduct the program in various parts of the world. But for most part of the sessions, we were played videos from the time when Sadhguru would conduct the program. In these videos, Sadhguru speaks about a lot of aspects about human life and how we can improve the quality of this life to live it in a better way.

During one such video sessions, Sadhguru says, “You can either have a loving romantic relationship with life, or get raped by life! The choice is completely yours!”

On 5th day, Sunday, we were supposed to be initiated into the core practice of Inner Engineering program. Everything that we did in these last 4 days was simply preparing us and leading us up to this very initiation. On the morning of Sunday, we were asked to assemble at a nearby beach. People enrolled into the program at other centers in the city were also asked to assemble here so it was packed with Inner Engineering newbies. For the next one and half hour, we all played a range of games that kept us all huffing and puffing, laughing and screaming, jumping and yelling and completely exhausted. After this session, we were asked to disperse and meet back at our respective centers in an hour. While starting the session back at the center, our guru started off by asking us our experience of the morning session. We all started saying how it made us feel young and like a child again. To which he said, “Those feelings are now that you look back at the session. But when you were on that beach, playing those games, who were you?” We were all staring at him when someone said, “Nobody!”

Guru smiled and said, “Isn’t that true? In that moment, you were nobody. Not man or woman, not young or old, not rich or poor. You were no one! I expect you all to keep that sense of emptiness in your mind for the rest of the day and simply involve yourself into the session. Do exactly what is preached and put all your mind, body and soul into it. Can you do that?”

We all shouted “Yes” in unison.

The core practice of Inner Engineering is called the Shambavi Mahamudra. This is the kriya that we are initiated into during the inner engineering session. This is a series of yogic activities, coined out and put together by Sadhguru himself especially for this Inner Engineering process.

Will you teach us Shambavi Mahamudra?

Such is the importance and magnitude of this Shambavi Mahamudra that it is not revealed to anyone outside the walls of the Isha center, without the presence of a guru! Our guru calls it a conductive environment for your energies to interact in the right way and proper guidance from someone who has learned the kriya first hand from Sadhguru himself. It is a very ancient knowledge and yogic science and Sadhguru does not want people to misuse this knowledge in anyway.

If you ask me, as a person who has just completed the program and is initiated into the Shambavi kriya, I have agreed with this secrecy whole-heartedly. Not because I witnessed some miracle that has changed my mind and heart or something along those line! It is simply because, the whole process was so beautiful and rejuvenating that I would want each one to have a similar experience. Inner Engineering, however scientific it may sound, is still a spiritual process at the end of the day. Science can be learned but when it comes to spiritual well-being, it needs to be experienced.

And what was your experience?

At this point, I truly cannot say anything about the outcomes of this session because, this program is just the beginning. You start the program with a commitment that you would follow the instructions given without missing even one. There is no game if you do not follow the rules! So the rule is that, from the day of initiation, for the next 40 days (considered one mandala in yogic sense), the complete kriya including the preparatory asanas needs to be practiced diligently for twice a day. Following which the complete kriya needs to be practiced at least once a day for 6 months. Sadhguru believes very strongly that by the end of 6 months, you will find yourself in such a state of health and spiritual bliss that you will come back on your knees and thanking him!

I have made this commitment, not for the sake of Sadhguru or my guru (Manu) or the Isha center, but for my own sake! At the end of 6 months, if not the eternal bliss, I at least want to see myself more at peace and more in love with my life.