Of all the books I read this year, I can’t believe I am saying this but this is the book I actually loved. The book is about the ultimate meditation that helps your Kundalini, your primordial energy to rise up and pierce through all the seven chakras in your body.

Om Swami, once a multi-millionaire, gave up on all the corporate drama and the money to get in touch with his inner energy. He withdrew to the depths of the Himalaya and dedicated his life to meditation. This book is an honest advice based on his personal experience during his days of intense meditation. Om Swami achieved his purpose and he has given an honest anecdote about that very moment when he felt his Kundalini pierce through his crown chakra.

He also mentions about the “Lalitha Sahasranama” script which sings the praise of goddess Parvati. He says that, all the instructions required on how to perform the Kundalini meditation in the right way is actually available in this script. The goddess that rules over the chakras, the color associated and the diet you must follow when you are meditation on that particular chakra is all present in this text which Om Swami has decoded in this book and put it out there.

Waking your Kundalini is not an unachievable feat and you do not really have to give up on your current life-style and turn into a sage or a monk. But it is not as easy as just sitting and breathing in and out rhythmically either. Awakening the Kundalini is a very intense meditation and if you are serious about achieving this, you need to dedicate a solid 6 to 10 years towards the meditation. The instructions are Cleary laid in front of you but I would like to mention this right here, you would feel that it was better to have stayed ignorant to this knowledge and thought that meditating randomly for an hour every day would somehow help you awaken your kundalini. That is how tough and intense these meditation sessions got to be.

I loved the honesty of the book and especially the part where Om Swami speaks about how his thoughts would plague his meditation and undermine his determination every day. He mentions about how on a few particularly dark days, he would feel absolutely foolish to have given up on the fame and luxury to become a monk and spend his days alone in a hut in the Himalayas. He would then put aside these dark thoughts and restart with a new determination and zeal. Seriously, I meditate and do yoga every day and I know how irritating it is when I am unable to control my brain from hopping to a hundred different thoughts in a minute! That is a genetic problem in my case and that is another reason I know that this particular meditation is not for me!

So, if you are looking for a clean set of instructions on how to awaken your Kundalini, this is your go-to book! It speaks about the meaning of Kundalini, its origin, and its history etc. It clearly decodes that specific part of the Lalitha Sahasranama script that speaks of the awakening of Kundalini. The language is damn simple and straight forward. None of this yogic juju nonsense that is really hard to understand, comprehend or relate to! Over all, the book achieves what it says it would. That makes it one of the best spirituality books that you can lay your hands on! This book is for the modern-day yogi. So go for it!

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