Hey Y’all

How much ever I tell myself not to fall for societal pressures and gimmicks like Valentine’s Day, mother’s day, friendship day etc. I still end up falling for it just the same. This V-day, I was home alone with my daughter and I did not even want to go out because there were happy couples everywhere and roses everywhere!

Then I thought, I don’t really need my husband to get me gifts or lift up my mood. So what if he is busy, today, everything comes to your doorstep. So, my gift will come to my doorstep too, in two days! So I went on Nykaa and was browsing when I came across the Maybelline limited edition Valentine’s Day lipsticks. Red lipsticks is always a mood lifter for me!

There are 5 lipsticks in this range and all a different shade of red. The five shades in this range are all made up of different finishes.

  • Smokey Red- Marble Finish
  • Ashey Red- Powder Matte Finish
  • Volcanic Red- Holographic Finish
  • Mercury Red- Satin Finish
  • Inferno Red- Matte Metallic Finish

Naturally I chose the finish that I am most used to and that is the powder matte one and I simply loved the shade as well. I also love their creamy matte range and none of these limited edition lipsticks came with that finish!

The lipstick costs Rs. 500/- per piece. You can find these on Nykaa as well as Amazon. I have given the links below so you guys can head catch hold of this when they are still available.

Click here to buy on Nykaa

Click here to buy on Amazon

Now that all the details are out of the way, Let me move on to my review of the product.

Like I mentioned before, the lipstick is a shade of orange- red. It is a powder matte finish. I simply love the pigmentation of the product because my upper lip is a few shades darker than my lower lip. Whenever I wear any lipstick, my biggest issue is the shade looks different on upper lip and lower lip.

However, Maybelline New York Color Sensational Reds on Fire Lipstick, has an amazing pigmentation and coverage. The range of shades is quite cute keeping in line with the spirit of Valentine’s Day (I would personally associate pink with Valentine’s Day, but whatever!). The finish is just perfect and stays put for quite long. The best part is, the shade is absolutely wearable and you can easily pair it with formal looks.  

My overall review- YAY! All the way!