This is the first book of a three books series! But reading this book made me feel loony enough that I chose not to read any further! I knew that I was going to get nothing out of this book but at the same time, I could not stop reading in the middle. I completed the book and then I went ahead and watched the movie too.


The book is basically about a children’s home, but this home is very different from the rest for the kind of children that stay here. Each of the children in this home has some or the other peculiar abilities. For example, one girl is so light that she would fly away if not for her specially designed shoes that hold her down and help her walk. Another girl can make plants grow with a touch of her hands. There is a boy that is invisible!

The hero of the book, Jacob, hears stories about this home from his grandfather who claims to have lived in this home during the second world war! The home itself is now trapped in a time loop created by their warden Miss Peregrine, who is also peculiar like the kids. She wanted to save the home and the children from a bomb blast during the war. Now the home and the children exist simply in this loop, living the day over and over again until Jacob stumbles into them.

There are also a few monsters involved and this monsters feed on the peculiar kids alone. These monsters are actually invisible and only Jacob can see them, just like his grandfather used to. That is revealed to be Jacobs special ability! Now how Jacob is going to save the home and the kids from these monsters is the erst of the story. There is a backstory for these monsters too!

The whole book is so twisted and lunatic. I am sure a lot of you guys might enjoy this book and also the sequels of this book. However, I am not so much a fan of this one. Wont be reading any of the other books in the series either!

Lesson– Shouldn’t have picked this one up!

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