Hey Y’all

So I was out in the market looking for a new face wash because I was all out of mine. That’s when I ran into these little munchkins. They are the new Nivea milk delights face wash. They are truly cute and all that, and that is why I actually considered buying them in the first place. But do they perform well too? That is what this post is all about.

So, for the details first.
This range of face washes comes in four variants, for different types of skin tone. All the variants have milk as the base ingredients. The secondary ingredient varies.
Milk+ Rose- for sensitive skin
Milk+ Saffron- for normal skin
Milk+ Gramflour- for oily skin
Milk+ Honey- for dry skin

The one I bought are the small sized ones. It is 50 ml product and priced at 85/- Rs. The 100 ml of the product costs 165/- Rs. The packaging looks a lot like the shampoos from Dove baby range.

Coming to the review.


I wanted to buy all the four variants if it was up to me, but it is not and I couldn’t do that. So I just bought 2 variants, the one for oily skin and normal skin. So the review is based on these 2 variants only.

The first surprise I received from this product, after the cute packaging that is, it is the tiny particles of the second ingredient in the face wash. The one for oily skin is Milk+ Gram flour and the product has actual beads of gram flour in it. The normal skin one is Milk + saffron and this has pieces of saffron in it. That makes the product feel a lot more authentic!

The consistency of the product is runny and thick at the same time. While using it, it actually feels very soft and lush against the skin. The beads of gram flour actually dissolves while using it and I actually loved the feel of using this product

It adds a cool glow to your skin without drying it out. I have always loved Nivea’s products for its amazing and unbeatable quality. This one simply follows the lead.

Overall- The Nivea Milk Delights face wash is a huge thumbs up from me. I loved using them, I hope you will too.