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Hi Guyz,

For a quick review this time, I am here to try on and review the Nykaa’s Strobe it up! high shine lip gloss.
I first came across the product through one of my favorite beauty influencer- Ankita Srivastava who runs the blog and youtube channel by the name Corallista.
I really wanted to give it a try because who wouldn’t love a product that can turn any lipstick around with a hi-shine glossy look.

Product Details-

So before I go on to the review, let me provide you all with the details.
Price- Rs. 450/- for 5ml of product
It is a lipstick topper that is-
1. Infused with light magnifying technology
2. Long wearing and weather-proof
3. Absolute color purity
As of now, the product comes in just one shade- Golden Glimmer.

Moving on to the review-

The product is supposed to be a lipstick topper. However, it does not do any justice as a lipstick topper. It is very thick and sticky. It is hard to apply and smudges the lipstick around. The worst of all, it changes the color of the lipstick completely instead of just adding a shine to the lips.

However, since it is called the strobe it up, I tried it use it as a strobing cream for highlighting purposes. That actually worked like a charm. Even though the consistency of the product was a problem to apply it evenly, I tried to smudge slowly with my fingers and it worked. It catches the light perfectly and makes the skin glow. That is everything you can expect out of a highlighter.

So, I am not sure if Nykaa introduced this product for trial sake and I ended up buying it because all of my favorite bloggers were endorsing it, but it is kind of experimental even for me. I generally like to experiment with all my products and use them for different purposes. I cannot wait to experiment with the Nykaa Stobe it up! too.