Plum is a rather lesser known beauty brand in India. It is a brand that offers 100% natural cosmetic and skin-care products. They are also a PETA approved brand for being Cruelty- free and Vegan. I personally love Plum because of their tagline- “BE GOOD”. Their online presence also goes by the name, “Plum Goodness”!

One of the first products that I picked to try from Plum was their Plum NaturStudio all day wear kohl kajal. Well, let me break it to you all right here, I fell in love with it immediately. It is absolutely smudge-proof and waterproof. It is very pigmented and the product comes in a range of amazing colors too.

After I realized that I am quite happy with the Kohl, I went forth and tried many other products from their skincare range. A little on the pricey side but their products are truly amazing.

Well, for this post, I have simply picked my Plum NaturStudio all day wear kohl kajal and created three different looks with it, ranging from simple to sexy.

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Without any Kohl!

Top Beauty blogger in Chennai

This is how I look without any Kohl. I usually avoid wearing kohl only when I want to look ill and get out of doing a lot of work! 😛

Thin Thighlined look

The first look is the usual. Lining your lower and upper waterline with the kohl but just a thin line. Its when you want to look subtle and elegant. best suited for office look!

Top Beauty blogger in Chennai

Heavily smudged Kohl

The second look is my favorite, the one I wear every day. Doesn’t matter if I am going to office or temple or party! This is my go-to style! It is just a darker version of the first style. I go over the thin line with the Kohl for another three times and smudge it a little bit!

Top Beauty blogger in Chennai

Smokey Kohl Eyes

The third and final style is our smokey eyes. It is a built-up version of the second look. I simply smudge the lower waterline a little more. Then I lined my eyelids with the Kohl and smudged it up with a smudger. To make it all look a little more defined, I applied some mascara to my lashes! VOILA!

Top Beauty blogger in Chennai

So these are the three looks I always go for when it comes to wearing Kohl! I have been wearing kohl ever since I was 12 and it is the one beauty product that I cannot live without. With Plum NaturStudio all day wear Kohl Kajal, I can rest in peace that the product that I use so lovingly and regularly is not harming me in any way!

Thank you Plum for all the Goodness.





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