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Do you know why whoever said that “Pregnancy is a wonderful gift” never spoke anything about post-pregnancy? Because, If they had said anything about post-pregnancy problems, women would start fearing pregnancy altogether!

Perks of Pregnancy!

Pregnancy is absolutely miraculous and I will never say anything against it. It is the most precious period of my life. I did not have a lot of maternity feelings within me. I am a very competitive and active woman who loves to keep busy. Luckily I got to be a part of one of the leading, most wonderful MNC in Bangalore. The work was tough, but that is what I loved about my job. In all the rush of getting ahead in my career, I lost contact with my own self. I started to face a lot of hormonal imbalance issues, weight gain, irregular periods, etc. It was already 2 years into marriage and relatives started to question about pregnancy and stuff. Finally, I had to give up on my job and nurse myself back to health just so that I could get pregnant.

During pregnancy, a woman goes through a series of changes and physical changes is just a fraction of them all. But due to the high hormone levels and the excitement of motherhood, we are able to get through it somewhat better. The maternity feelings in me started to bud only after about 4 months into the pregnancy. At times I would feel very dull and depressed when I heard that my junior at work got promoted to a position that would have been mine if only I had stayed on the job a little longer! At those times, I would feel a tiny flutter in my belly and immediately I would be filled with all this light and positivity! Most of my pregnancy was the same game.

Carrying a life inside of you is a blessing that only a woman can enjoy and I enjoyed this blessing whole-heartedly.

Post-Pregnancy Problems!

Post pregnancy is the period when it all comes crashing down. My post-pregnancy problems were rocketing sky high from the very next day of childbirth. On one hand, I had this little angel in my arms that would just not stop screaming. If she wasn’t screaming then she would probably be feeding. There was no gap in between these two activities for me to get any time to eat or sleep. To add on to those owes, I had Hair-loss, tiredness, emotional swings, stress, sleepless nights, bloating, and the list goes on and on.

That is all just physical, and my mental problems were so severe that I hadn’t really paid much attention to any of my physical problems. I would wash my hair and a handful of hair would simply break off right there. The whole day I would lock myself up in the room and keep crying, but not really for my hair loss! I wouldn’t really have a reason or base for my emotional outbursts, it just happened. My lactation was very low post pregnancy and my baby would keep bawling because she was hungry. We tried very hard to make it up by giving her formula milk and fresh cow’s milk diluted well with water. But it would pain me immensely to feel inadequate as a mother! And that would keep me crying right through the night.

So, what is my point?

Well, I have gotten carried away too but getting back on track, Pregnancy is a package, just like everything else in life is. Just like two sides of a coin, Pregnancy is made up of both light and dark moments.

For me, Pregnancy was the light side of the coin and post-pregnancy problems, being the shadow part of the coin!

Today, my baby girl is 2 and a half years old. My skin has started to get its glow back, my hair has gotten stronger and I have gotten a control over my body as well. Mentally too, I have successfully followed the tiny ray of hope, walked through the tunnel and emerged on the other side. Today, instead of the little flutter in my belly, my baby guides me through the little flutter of her lashes and a smile that could bring the heaven down!

After all, one thing is 100% sure and that is, Pregnancy has forever changed my designation from a woman to a Mother. I will excel at this designation too!





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