Private India is actually a part of a series of books with similar names. The book is 8th in the series for Mr. James Patterson while it is the first one for Mr. Ashwin Sanghi. I suppose he is the one giving the Private series an Indian kind of twist! I am a huge fan of Mr. Sanghi after reading his very first book itself. I even think he is the Dan Brown of India! (which I told him over Facebook chat and he even acknowledged it with thanks! ***Fan Moment***)


Private is a one of the world’s greatest Investigation agencies with branches all over the world. Santhosh Wagh, the lead of the book, happens to be the head of Private India, headquartered in Mumbai city. While Santhosh Wagh is seen fighting his own ghosts of the past, the city is suddenly taken over by a series of bizarre murders! There seems to be no connection between the murders except that they are all made to seem like part of an occult. It is up to Sathosh to get over his past soon enough to save the city.

Life has no meaning without the presence of Death!

Ashwin Sanghi

This book was a nail-biting, hair-pulling, peeing in the pants kind of thrilling. I am a fan of crime thrillers and I usually am able to guess the culprit halfway through the book. But this book was absolutely marvelous. I could not guess the culprit nor could I understand the ritualistic setup in which the dead bodies are presented. I traveled through the book along with Santhoah Wagh and the other detectives of Private.

Lesson– Don’t think of yourself as the all-knowing queen of crime thrillers. You lost the game this time.

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