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So, you have started a blog and you are totally excited about it. Your blogging goals are to blog day and night and you do not want to rest until you have received at least 1000 follows. You want to grow your blog to great heights and start to earn through blogging. Even after achieving all of this, you do not want to stop, you just want to keep going on and on! Is this your goal now that you have started your blog? Then I hate to break it to you, this is not effective or achievable or healthy for that matter!

I agree that you need to be sincere, push yourself and work really hard if you want to achieve your dreams. I also agree that the professional bloggers maybe currently doing this on an everyday basis. But did they reach to the top by setting unrealistic goals and working nonstop on their blog in the starting stages? Probably not. Most of the successful bloggers have been able to achieve this feat because of their passion and their love for blogging rather than working hard or posting 10 blog posts per week!

So how do you set up your blogging goals in such a way that you do not push yourself but you also grow steadily and fulfill your dream?

Here are a few pointers that I personally follow while I set up my blogging goals

Start with a few short-term goals

Whenever people ask you what you wish to achieve through all this blogging and stuff (most people do not consider blogging can be a profession, illiterates!), you will jump up and down and start telling them how you want to be the Neil Patel or Nikkie or Liza Koshy in your chosen blogging niche. What we tend to forget is that these people did not get up to those heights overnight!

Instead, let your ultimate goal stay as it is but set up short-term goals too. These short-term goals will act as the stairs leading up to your ultimate goal.

My short-term goal was to achieve a minimum of 10 unique website visits per week. I slowly raised it up to 30 unique visits and currently, I am at 50 visits per week! Now I am gonna go ahead and work towards making that 100 visits per week!

Set up goals that are realistic and achievable

Your goals should not make you want to pull your hair out or poke yourself in your eyes. Especially when setting up targets for the number of posts. Do not make blogging feel like work. In the beginning, you may work hard towards achieving the targets and start posting left, right and center. But soon enough, you will feel burned out. Considering you are a newbie, the low engagement on your posts will be demotivating you even further. Finally, you will reach a stage where you do not feel inspired or motivated anymore (Blogger’s Block!).

Instead, start off by setting up easy and achievable goals. Like 2 posts per week or even one post per week if your niche is technical and needs a lot of research.

When I started off, I had set up a target of posting at least thrice a week. Since I also have a full-time job, I was finding it very hard to keep up with those targets! Finally, I realized that I was being too hard on myself and was losing the love for blogging. So, I tore up the target sheets and started to post as and when I am inspired to. I stick to as much as 6 to 8 posts per month considering that I have no niche!

Be highly flexible with your targets

You may have set a goal of 3 posts per week but when you sit down to write, your brain may feel like a dud. Alternatively, your target maybe 2 posts for the week, which you have achieved success but you are feeling absolutely inspired and creative. Do not be rigid with your blogging targets. Instead, it is like the saying goes, “Make hay when the sun shines!”

Whenever you feel inspired and creative, make use of your muse and get down to working on your blog. Create your posts and keep them aside for a rainy day. You can keep posts in a draft or schedule them according to your plan. This way, if you feel demotivated or you have gotten busy with a big-ass wedding or something, you can go back to your stack and pick the most relevant post to put up on your blog. This way, your presence will be regular and you did not have to beat yourself up at your lowest time!

I keep a stack of ideas instead of posts. Whenever I feel most creative or inspired, I simply add a title and write a few lines relevant to the idea and save it on my phone. So when I sit down to write a post, all I have to do is take a look at my idea list and choose the most relevant one!

So that’s all for now guys. I have a lot more tips, tricks and ideas to keep blogging fun as well as efficient.

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