It is a well-known fact that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. However, it is also the meal that is most hurried through. Where is the time to sit down and enjoy even a decent cup of coffee in the morning? When we do get the time, we are overcome with laziness and prefer to run out to a restaurant for a nice breakfast.

But what if I say that you can make a simple and yet a fancy restaurant like breakfast at home? packed with all the required nutrients and made with lot of care, it is the most healthiest and tastiest food you will have!

It is a combination of yummiest bread and egg toast with the creamiest cup of coffee. You can always add a few fruits to the mix and it will be the most heart filling and stomach filling meal ever!

Bread and Egg toast-

2 slices of Bread (your choice of bread)
2 eggs
Mayo (or any other spread of your choice)
Salt and pepper
Mexican spice mix or Piri Piri mix (optional)

Method of preparation-
1. whisk the eggs together in a bowl until they are blended and creamy.
2. heat a Dosa / Chappati Tawa and add some butter to it.
3. pour the eggs and spread throughout the Tawa evenly by tilting the Tawa slightly in all directions,
4. place the bread slices a little apart from each other on the Tawa.
5. Spread Mayo and sprinkle some salt, pepper, and seasoning on top of the bread.
6. as the eggs are done, fold the omelet over the bread. First from two opposite directions and then fold the bread over each other.
7. You can cut the bread diagonally if you wish.
8. Serve with some butter!

Creamy latte

Instant coffee powder of your choice
a glass or plastic bottle
Some warm water
Full cream milk

Method of preparation

  1. Add some instant coffee powder and sugar to a plastic or glass bottle.
  2. pour in some warm water to the bottle. put the lid on and shake the mixture until the sugar dissolves and the mixture is all foamy.
  3. boil some full cream milk on the stove (prefer not to use the microwave)
  4. Take a coffee mug of your choice.
  5. Transfer the coffee mixture from the bottle to the mug.
  6. From a little distance from the mug, pour the piping hot milk to the mug slowly and carefully.
  7. you can stir slightly but it is usually not required.

Slice up a banana, apple, and strawberries (Or any other fruits of your choice). sprinkle some honey or syrup on the fruits. adding this to your breakfast can be advantageous in many ways and it is also very yummy and classy!

On the other hand, those who prefer fruit juices can go with that option too.

Those who like to add sausages, bacon, beans etc. to your breakfast are free to do so.

Anything to make the meal look more appealing and tasty but, at the end of it all, sit down with your loved ones and have the meal together! That makes all the difference in the world!