Top Blogger in India

I truly understand that promoting your blog posts on social media is the only way to get the word out there and get people to start noticing your blog. However, are you expecting it go viral overnight and hit like a million likes/ views? Well, it is not a bad plan, but it is always better to have a plan B and a plan C to keep your blogging experience live and well. So here are a few Social Media Engagement tips to improve your blogging experience.

Be Patient!

You should not expect your posts to do amazingly just because you have shared it on like a million different social media platforms and you don’t get discouraged by the silent treatment you receive from even your friends/ family! A lot of bloggers end up getting discouraged and give up on blogging mainly because of their work not being recognized!

Remember, you are a newbie blogger. It is ok if your work is not recognized yet. It is ok if your social media posts don’t get any likes or shares. Doesn’t mean you lose hope or give up. Be patient. Everything will happen when the time is right! 😛

Set up logical goals

Are you setting up logical goals when it comes to social media engagement? You cannot be placing your bar up there with the top social media influencers! Remember, they all started off at the exact same place that you are at right now.

Instead, understand that the world is tough, unkind and very competitive. Especially the blogging world.

So what do you do instead? Focus on your work. Focus on improving the quality of your content and come up with creative ways to reach out to the audience. World sees a lot of the same, show them that you are different!

Do not pay and buy followers

Understand what is important here. You do not want to show people that you have thousands of followers. That doesn’t mean anything to the relevant few who could make a difference in your blogging experience!

Engagement on your posts is what is important here and you will not get that unless the ones who follow you are genuine people who actually like your posts. Even if it is just 100 followers, at least 25-30 followers among them will engage in your posts. Just imagine having a 1000 followers and receiving 0 engagement on your post! What a waste of time and money that is!

Be relevant and not random

When you are posting on social media, see to it that the posts are not random and all over the place. You do not want to send mixed signals to your followers. Instead, see to it that all your posts are related to your blog and directly or indirectly encouraging the viewer to check out your blog.

On Twitter, tweet out tips, tricks, pieces of advice, surveys, information, quotes etc. On Pinterest, you can post infographics and creative posts. Instagram is a place for images only so you can try posting cartoons, caricatures, creative posts etc. Also, keep trying out new social media platforms as well. When it comes to your overall online presence, Google will be happy!

Engage with the Blogging Community

There is one absolutely amazing thing about the blogging community. You give love and you receive double love! Do not get on Social media just to post about your blogs. Instead, spend some time on reading posts from other bloggers too.

Show genuine interest in other blogger’s work, share your views about their posts in the comments and in the process you could ask them to check your blog out, especially if it is relevant to their blog post. Slowly people will start appreciating your gesture and start noticing your blog posts. This way, the engagement will increase steadily and moreover, it will be genuine.

So, thats all I have for now folks! More to come, so keep your eyes plastered to this blog space!