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I am usually the kind of girl who puts together a list of products that I need for skin care, hair care, and beauty purposes and then choose an online store like Nykaa to buy everything that I need. I usually do not go around placing orders with individual sellers because I do not want to be disturbed through the day by the delivery individuals.

Recently I came across an offer by soul tree, where they were providing a free sample of all of their colored eyeliners on the purchase of their products worth Rs. 1400/- and above. I am a fan of colored eyeliners and it is not always possible to go around purchasing the full-size versions of all the colors. Especially from a seller like soultree as their products are all natural and paraben free, hence they are also priced a little high. So, I thought it would be beneficial for me to take up the offer.

Here are all the products that I purchased and I have also given a brief review of each of the products. So keep reading…

First and the foremost item I added to my cart was a combo offer on skin care. It consisted of a Face cleansing lotion, Face Wash and a Face Cleansing Scrub.
Cleansing Lotion-
Aloe and Rosewater with skin-toning licorice.
Priced at Rs. 395/- for 150 ml of product.

Product review blogger in india

Face Wash-
Indian Rose Face Wash with turmeric and honey.
Priced at Rs. 375/- for 120 ml of product.

Face Scrub-
Walnut and turmeric scrub with cooling sandalwood.
Priced at Rs. 350/- for 100 gm of product.

However, as a combo, these products can be bought at Rs. 1020/- only.

The next product is the Soultree hibiscus and honey lip-balm with organic ghee and cold pressed oils.
Priced at Rs. 295/- for 3.5 gm product.

And what follows is the promotional product which is a trial size version of 10 of their colored eyeliners!
These eyeliners are actually priced at Rs. 350/- for 3 gm product. However, these trial size versions may last for 5 to 6 use only.

Now that all the details are out there, let’s move on to the review of the products.

Face Cleansing lotion-
I am usually not a huge fan of cleansing lotions. I prefer makeup removers or micellar water. But I sure have heard all the good it does to your skin, so I decided to give it a try. This lotion is quite runny and easily absorbs into the skin. It smells a lot like licorice, which I don’t really care for. However, it serves the purpose of cleansing my skin and ridding it of all the makeup and dirt. I am actually loving how soft and supple my skin feels after using it.
My overall review for the product- MEH!

Face Wash-
Again, this is a gel based face wash which I am not a fan of. I prefer foaming face washes. However, when staying at a city like Chennai where it is hot and humid all the time, you cannot keep washing your face with foaming face wash all the time. It will dry out your skin and cause wrinkles, fine lines etc. In that sense, this face wash has been serving me really well. I use it as a secondary face wash, for whenever I want to feel refreshed through the day. It smells like honey and I love that!
My overall review for the product- YAY!

Face Scrub-
By far, my most favorite and sensible purchase in this order. Walnut based scrubs are my thing. This scrub is packed with very fine scrub particles that do not hurt your skin while you are scrubbing it. It is also well packed, not too dense and not too light, hence it does its job perfectly. It smells of turmeric and honey. It makes my skin feel squeaky clean and glowing!
My overall review for the product- YAAAYYYYY!

Lip Balm-
This is the most disappointing of all my purchases. I have heard a world about lip balms by Soultree. However, I have been using them over the last 15 days and I can say that I am thoroughly disappointed. I used to use them right before I retired to bed and It lasted quite well until I woke up in the morning. It also kept my lips hydrated and soft through the night. However, when I tried to use it during the daytime, it did a horrible job. It did not last and it dried out very soon when I was out and about! It has no distinctive smell or any tint.
My overall review for the product- NAAAAAAAY!

Finally, the eyeliners-
The shades are all unique and suit the Indian Skin tones absolutely well. They are soft, creamy and well pigmented. They last quite well even through a hot and sweaty day! Getting to try out 10 of these amazing shades of eyeliners is surely worth my while!

Overall, Soultree products are natural, vegan, lead-free and paraben free. They are great for skin and hair. They have a range of products and cosmetics, all designed with Indian skin and skin tone in mind. A product made with that much care surely deserves a little recognition for sure and I will give it to them!

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