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For the second day of my 15 days of book reviews, I would like to review this trilogy by R.L. Stine. It is called the fear street saga Trilogy. A set of three books that put together a super thrilling story on how the famous “Fear Street” came to be. The storyline is basically about the ancient curse placed on the Fier Family by the Goode Family. Over generations, both the families struggle to move past the betrayal and the curse but it is not that easy.

What started with fire must end in fire!

The Betrayal

The first book in the series. This is where it all started. It spins the tale of a women named Susannah Goode who falls head over heels for a handsome young man named Edward Fier. She ends up getting betrayed by her love, she is wrongly accused a witch and is burned at the stake along with her mother. Her father, takes revenge on the Fier family by placing an eternal curse on them which brings the Fier family nothing but pain, loss, suffering, decay and death!

Lesson- Hell hath no fury as the father of a women burned!

The Secret

The second book in the trilogy, this book just speaks more about the Fier family trying their best to escape from the curse placed on their family. The book speaks of Simon Fier, who had a happy family and thought that they had left the curse behind them. Unfortunately, the karma of their ancestors wouldn’t let go of them that easily! Soon enough, the curse catches up to his family and destroys it, one member at a time! Until in the end, Simon is left standing alone.

Lesson- Sometimes, the wrong deeds that you do could affect you, your family and relatives and so on until the ripples of the deed is felt by your descendants’ even generations afterwards!

The Burning

In the third and final book of the trilogy, the Fier family take another futile step towards outrunning the evil curse by changing their surname. Simon Fier skips the country and changes his surname to Fear! He thinks that this would stop the curse from finding him and for a while it seems to work. Until Daniel Fear (a descendant), returns back to learn all about his family history and lineage. He is not the one to believe in stupid things like curses. Especially not after meeting and falling in love with the gorgeous young Nora Goode. Not even her surname seems to stop his futile attempt to end this long feud and the evil curse!

Now, for every curse, there are three important aspects. The curser (Goode family), the cursed (Fier Family) and the Talisman (Object that lives solely to carry the curse on from one generation to another). In this final book, it all comes together for one final explosive narration and ending.

Lesson- Well, I learned a lot about curses and how they are carried forth through generations!

Repetitive excerpt through the 3 books of the saga.

“Dominatio per malum.”

R.L. Stine

It means “Power Through Evil”  and is inscribed on the backside of the amulet that carries the curse with it!

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