Olay 28- day skin transformation challenge- Review

Well, I might sound pretty much like a million other women out there but this is how I got to hear about the Olay 28 day skin transformation challenge!

Post- pregnancy, I hadn’t really paid much attention to my hair and skin for a very long time. When Kayal turned 2, I finally decided it was time to get back to work. That was when I really started to pay attention to my skin.

Initially, I was in an emotional shock with the condition of my skin! I had dark patches all over my neck and parts of my face, there were a lot of breakouts that were leaving behind spots all over my cheeks. Huge pores, dull skin, wrinkles near my eyes, white-heads, and so many more issues. I couldn’t recognize myself!

I felt very under-confident and started fearing getting back out and about. I tried a few home remedies but none of it worked. As a last resort, I started to rely on heavy makeup which in turn affected my skin even more horribly! It was at this most helpless point of time when I came across an advertisement by Olay.

In the ad, Meera Kapoor (Shahid Kapoor’s wife), spoke about facing skin problems post her pregnancy and how Olay 28 day skin transformation challenge helped her transform her skin to all its previous glory! Curiosity got the better of me and I ordered myself a bottle of Olay’s Total effects 7 in 1- day cream.

The Olay 28 day skin transformation challenge:

Analyze your skin problems and accordingly, choose an Olay product from their wide range of products. All you have to do is, strictly and diligently use the chosen product twice every day, for 28 days! As simple as that!

7th Day of Olay 28 day skin transformation challenge

I did not want to start comparing my skin this early on in the challenge. If I did not find any improvement, I might lose hope. Worse yet, if I felt that my skin was degrading further, I would have completely given up!

But what I saw truly amazed me. The dullness of my skin had reduced to a great extent. I was seeing some clarity showing up on my skin. Dark spots too had started to fade! It did not really stop my breakouts but surely reduced it.

15th Day of Olay 28 day skin transformation challenge

My sister comes to visit me and it’s been over 3 months since we last met. I was at work when she arrived so I had to meet her outside my office to handover my house key. She takes one look at me and asks, “Oh my God Kani, Do you come this pretty to work every day? Do you even reach work on time?”

Honestly, I had no makeup on. Just the cream, talcum and lot of kohl (just the way I like it). My skin used to look so dull and dark that I wouldn’t get out of my home without a ton of makeup on. But now, Even though I had nothing on, I was looking pretty!

20th Day of Olay 28 day skin transformation challenge

I am video chatting with my best friend and after our hello and how are you, she immediately asks, “What’s special? Is something coming up?”

I do not really understand what she means so I ask, “What?”

“Your face is looking so clean and bright. As though you have just done a facial or something of that sort.” She says.

I am actually smiling to myself but I say, “Nah.” I do not want to reveal my secret just yet!

27th Day of Olay 28 day skin transformation challenge

I am at my native for Ganesh Chaturthi festival for three days. On the third day, we have all joined in the procession to take our Ganesh statues and immerse it in the nearby pond. Women are all dressed up in silk sarees and gold jewelry. All I can muster up to wear is a simple georgette saree, the heat is unbearable! I saw my cousins whispering and smiling at me, so I head over to their gang and say, “Dude, let it go. I can’t wear silk in this heat!”

My cousin says, “We weren’t talking about that idiot. You are looking absolutely amazing. We were wondering if maybe you are pregnant because the last time you were this glowing, you were pregnant with Kayal!” I couldn’t hold my laughter back.

Is it true? Could I have actually got my pregnancy glow back, that too when I wasn’t even pregnant! Honestly, I couldn’t see that much of a difference. I still had breakouts every now and then. But that’s being unfair because I am just focusing on the flaws rather than on the immense improvement in my skin. Others weren’t focusing on those flaws because they had seen how badly my skin had deteriorated after my pregnancy. They could see the re-birth of my skin more clearly than me!

Of course, I do have my own doubts. Would I have to continue with this skin regimen forever? What would happen if and when I discontinue using Olay? More often than not, shortcuts and quick fixes do not last long and eventually end up creating an even bigger issue! I hope that’s not the case with Olay’s products too!

For now- Olay 28 day skin transformation challenge GENUINELY WORKS!





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