productivity booster

Bullet journal is a very effective way to plan and organize your days. It helps in improving your productivity by pointing at places where you are losing time and what needs more of your attention. Most of all, Bullet journal is an all in one system. It reduces all the hassle of maintaining multiple books and documents for all that matters in your life like planner, dates to remember, events to remember, to-do list, shopping list, travel plans, diary, journal, important notes, so on and so forth!

I have been Bullet Journaling for a year now and sometimes, I wonder, how did I ever get anything done before. After getting introduced to Bullet Journal a.k.a BuJo, I have been in touch with my creative side, I have been more productive and more organized. Over and above all, I have been able to handle even a double- load of activities with much more ease.

So jumping into the actual part of the post, this is how I started off with my BuJo this year! All you need is a dotted or squared journal and some stationary supplies!

Welcoming 2019!

This is not really a necessary one. I just wanted a page to divide the book between last year and this year. I still have a few pages left on this book and wanted to make the most out of it. I think I can fit 2 more months in this year before switching to a new journal.

The Key!

Key is your savior through the entire BuJo. Especially if you have multiple things to handle as I do! Yeah, sometimes I do deviate from the key but mostly, it is just variants of the dedicated symbols. So I can always understand.

Future Log!

The future log is the one place where you store all the major & repetitive events through the day like birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, holidays etc. I note down the full moons and the new moons as well. Other temporary events or one time events can be noted in the monthly logs or even the weekly logs down the lane!

Bullet Journal Supplies!

Another spread that is a personal choice. I just noted down all the important supplies I will need for my BuJo through the year. Since I have chosen a Monochromatic theme for my bullet journal, the supplies I need are limited to blacks and grey. But if you choose to add colors to your BuJo then you may need a lot more supplies.

Positive Thoughts and Quotes

Just a few thoughts and quotes that gets me going whenever I feel low or Demotivated. Adding something like this to your BuJo can help you out in more way than you can even imagine. just scribble in your favorite lyrics or dialogues or quotes that makes you feel good every single time.

The Quarter Yearly focus!

This one is a new spread that I am trying out this year. I have noticed that I work well when I have short term goals that are defined in front of me. They shouldn’t be very short term like daily or weekly. And they cannot be very long term like yearly goals. So, I chose to go with the quarter yearly goals, hence the 3-months-focus!

So that is how I kick started by BuJo this year. It is truly simple and effective at the same time. I really believe in a minimalist approach to bullet journaling. It is there to save your time and get you to focus on things that need your attention. So, I hope this post encourages you guyz to start your own BuJo.