After a really long time, I’ve watched a Tamil movie that is really impactful. U-TURN is said to be a remake of the Kannada movie with the same name. I haven’t watched the original movie but I’m absolutely sure that it’s equally well written and well directed!

The Story of U-TURN

U-turn: Tamil- Movie Review

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The story revolves around a young journalist who is worried about the lack of responsibility and civic sense in people. she notices a few bikers move the divider bricks on the busiest Highway of the city just to take a U-turn to cut down their travel time. They do not even care to put the divider bricks back in place and this bothers her. So she decides to write a story about these people, their mentality and how it may affect other civilians. She simply finds a beggar on the flyover and pays him 100 bucks for him to note down the vehicle numbers of people who make this mistake. Then she plans to interview these people only to find out that every person who has taken a U-turn on the flyover have died and the deaths reported as a suicide. What is the connection behind all these deaths? Is someone murdering them? Is the journalist herself involved in the deaths? These questions constitute the rest of the movie!

Cast of U-TURN

U-turn:Tamil- Movie Review

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Samantha’s performance as Rachana, a curious and temperamental journalist is absolutely convincing! Aadhi stars as the young cop who despite his senior’s orders, feels convinced to help Rachana. His role seems quite similar to that of the part he played in the movie Eeram (Another amazing movie!). Rahul (Adithya) comes in as a crime reporter, Rachana’s colleague and crush in the movie, and he too plays his role really well! Seems like every single person and every single character has an importance in the movie and they have all justified their roles perfectly!

The takeaway from the movie

In my view U-TURN is a movie about karma!

Simply put, whatever you do, will ultimately take a U-TURN and come back to you, good and bad alike. And no one is an exception to this rule. Man or woman, young or old, rich or poor, everyone has to face the consequences of their karma.

Another important takeaway from this movie is that,
Mistakes made consciously is not at all a Mistake. It is a Crime! And where there is a Crime, there is also a punishment! And you should be ready to face it!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed watching U-TURN. Kudos to the whole team and I expect the whole Tamil movie industry to come up with more such interesting movies.





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